When your family is bigger than the planet Earth, the calendar will be always filled by some family events. And of course, they all happen in one single month. For example, my delirious period is May : Celebrations, weddings, family birthdays all together! Yay!
Staying strong and keep smiling, these are the best ways to deal with never ending lunch and dinners.

Is really during moments like these that my personality and the one of my sister Gaia come out. What’s more romantic and beautiful than a wedding at the beginning of may? Well, probably few things but for what concerns me, it has been very hard not to dress in black for an entire day. But let’s pass on this and let’s talk about the interesting part of the story.

For this occasions, dressing in the most elegant way you can is mandatory, but that is not easy for everyone. In fact, being surrounded by chic people when you look like a goofy panda is not the best feeling ever especially when you and your sister are wearing the same shirt. It is worthless to say that for the entire duration of the event you’re gonna be under a spotlight.

“ Ladies and gentlemen, let the challenge begin!”
A cute & basic white t-shirt can be turned into anything you want to : It can become part of a classy and chic outfit or it can be combined with your super comfy pajama pants (if you stain it with popcorn in front of the tv is even better). Interpreting the way of putting a t-shirt could be even more inyeresying during weddings and special occasions.

“ How could you be so chic with a t- shirt?”.
There are certain people that look fabulous even with a bunny jumpsuit : well, that’s Gaia.
If you are like her, people will think that you’re wearing Margiela and not a 10euros tshirt. Elegance and sophistication are all woven into one when we are talking about my sister. She always chooses for heels high like the Empire State Building and don’t know how, she never falls. Heels are not easy at all, they catch your attention and then they make you loose an ankle.
For this occasion she chose to wear nude heels combined with a skirt directly came from her bon-ton closet. Spring is in the air and floral prints are everywhere, even on Gaia skirt ( buy here). She completed the outfit with super girly accessories.

And now i will tell you how i combined my amazing t-shirt. If you the kind of people that, like me, are always looking for comfort rather than being cool, you will know that picking random things at the last minute is our favorite hobby. That’s why the wardrobe is mainly composed by black clothes, they always match!.
Meanwhile Gaia was showing off her super feminine outfit, i was trying to balance on my mini black Zara heels. Without any shred of grace, my movements resembled the hunchback of Notre Dame ones, not bad for a wedding! Coming back home safely is the goal of the day.
Skirts are banned from the wardrobe as well as anything bon-ton or with floral prints. Opt for large and light pants with maybe some prints on.
For what concerns the make up, i just put a hint on mascara and that’s it. Do not worry if you look like a zombie beside your chic sister, your cat loves you just the way you are

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